Thursday, April 7, 2016

Receiver of Memory

In this part of the book Jonas and the group of Elevens turning Twelve get their jobs. I think that this book is very strange in the since that it is so different from the world I live in now 2016. Now I want to know what the Receiver of Memory is.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Selection

In this part of the book Jonas got his first stirring, and this is also the day when Jonas finds what his so called job. I think that this part of the book is about people "shedding their older body." I still am wondering what happens to you when you get released.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Announcements

In this part of the book the main character Jonas and his family went more into the Assignments that people got in the town, and also volenter work. I think that this part of the book is a little bit less vague than the previous parts. One thing I do want to know is what happens to you when you get released, since the book has not really explained what happens.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Elevens

In The Giver by Lois Lowry the main character Jonas is talking to his parents what he feels and why he feels that way. I think that this part of the book is very vague because it is not saying certain things but if you want to know you have to think deeper witch is good. One thing that I do want to know is why Lois Lowry does not use words like bedroom instead she use sleeping-room.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blast to the past

     It was right after i finished my homework for the night when I decided to ask my grandma through text, if she would like to be in my interview for my English class. It was a few minutes later that she replied “yes.” Next I sent all the questions in one big blurb. Then she sent me all the answers to the questions, all the responses took  about 2 minutes to read each. Then I sent her all of the follow up questions. Next she sent me all of the responses.  
     My relationship with my grandma is that she watched me for a lot of my toddler life, and she is also my grandma. I also try to go to her house twice a month. I also have quite a lot in common with her. One example is the TV shows that we like and watch. Me and her enjoy talking to each other.
     My grandma is happy and outgoing, and has shoulder length brown hair with a slight curl at the end. Her cocoa brown eyes are normal distance, with a slight angle. Her face is round but has sharp features. She is a on the larger size, but she is still works on her ranch everyday. She has 2 kids a Son ( my uncle Larry,) and a daughter ( my mom Stephanie.) She was married to Don Smith before he died on April 1st, 2006 due to a heart attack. Currently she lives on a ranch by the prison with my younger cousin since my aunt is not responsible enough to take care of her.
     The first question I sent was, describe an average day of your youth life? She then went on to say that she would get get breakfast and if their was school she would go to school. Once she got home she had normal chores to do like clean her room and vacuum. Help my great grandma with dinner. After that wash dishes. She also said “We got to shower/bathe every Sunday and Wednesday,”
     The second question I sent was, describe an average day of your modern life? Her response to that was along the lines of getting up to feed my younger cousin something to eat. Then at about 9:00 she let's out the animals on the ranch. Keeps the dishes in the dishwasher until the end of the week, she also vacuums the same day. Then at about 4:00 she brings the animals in and feeds them. After that she make or orders food for dinner. Watches TV into the late night. Once in bed she says her prayers and goes to sleep.
     The third question I asked was, describe a hobby that you played in your youth? She said she played basketball in high school, she also sang in choir. She also would sew often and spend time on her grandmother's ranch.
     The fourth question I asked was, describe what has changed in between your youth and modern life? She later said that the attitude of kids and adults has changed the most. “Kids don't seem to want to do chores or help their parents--a lot feel entitled t have everything. Yet some parents don't understand how hard it is for the kids now a days to be at school with this generation of kids,” she said. “Even though everything is faster now, it seems that innocence has been lost,” she also said.
     The fifth question was, describe a hobby that you do in your modern life? She said “Well I still like animals and enjoy spending time with them. I still love to cook and sew. I love to read and knit. And I especially like spending time with my family,”
     The first follow up question was, did you take anything from this and teach it to your own kids?Her response was something like, that she made them do chores, and she always made my mom feed the cattle. My second follow up question was, did your daily routine that you had in your youth reflect on the routine you now have? She said that it had a major effect on the how she has lived her life. My third follow up question was, how do you think the hobbies that you had done and used affected your life now? She had said that she it made her more of a home worker not a business lady. My fourth follow up question was, what era would you rather be as youth in? “...this kid generation say no way, I think they would of enjoyed being raised in that time--less pressure, more love,” she responded. My fifth follow up question was, is there any hobby that you want to learn? Her words were along the lines of not really, but if their was something she would change was traveling.
     In the interview I learned that my grandma would rather be a child in the era that she grew up in, because she feels that people had more love and affection with less pressure on kids. This didn’t surprise me because she has always kept on to things from the past, but she is not a hoarder. But one thing that did surprise me was, that she was in choir. This surprised me because it never crossed my mind that she was a singer. When she sang to me as a baby she would always sound good, but I just didn’t think about it. Now I feel that we know a lot more about each other.

Friday, February 12, 2016

We Find an Egg

Next Dunk stops at a hotel type place and meets an orphan boy named Egg that cleans up the horses. I am starting to enjoy dunk now because he seems spontaneous. I think after dunk leaves his horse to get cleaned Egg will steal his stuff.

On the road again

Dunk is on the road again and is traveling in sadness and passes the next town but stops at the second town. No I am starting to feel bad for Dunk. Next I think he will just a someone for directions and leave